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At its core, GLDN is a creative consulting and event planning agency. And our clients are as unique as our events. Individuals, families, couples, brands, corporations and non-profits alike. Each with the same goal - an incomparable and unforgettable experience.

And we like to do it different.

what we do

event design that feels like you

Our Mission

We are all about you. Your collective experience, your guests and each of your stories. 

And with over two decades of experience, we can say we've mastered it - the planning, design and execution. But we can also say that we are forever learning our clients and capturing their essence. 

It's what we do. You. Your story.

Epically celebrated.


initial consult

We get to know you. You get to know us.
Ideas, budget, guests, location. The beginning of the who, what, when and how.


We create a thoughtful and wow-worthy concept that encompasses everything we have talked about [and everything to come].


Our team executes every facet of your event with precision and a hell of a lot of fun.

You and your guests have the time of your lives.


Based on approval, we source our team of vendors and outline contracts that are a reflection of the overall concept and that match with all parameters set forth.


Our team thrives on creating extraordinary events, and seeing them through to spectacular conclusions. Cohesive creativity is our touchstone, and no detail goes unconsidered—be it food, service, music or design. These unite in harmony, creating a spirit of enthusiasm and celebration.


As event designers, it is our job to understand our client’s vision and sense of style, then tailor-make an extraordinary environment just for them. Our design and production team works in tandem with our planners to tell the story and transform our client’s sense of style into a fully customized experience.

 the words really feel insufficient to describe our gratitude to you, meredith. How perfectly everything went and how we got our absolute dream day! We will need still a few weeks, probably months (!!!) to digest just how incredible the whole experience was. As we said, words just feel really insufficient to express the magnitude of our thankfulness.

hannah + brendan

Our new home has brought us so much joy and comfort. We couldn't have done it without Lita Grey's expertise. 

- Vita Emerald