We are all about you. Your collective experience, your guests and each of your stories. 

And with over two decades of experience, we can say we've mastered it - the planning, design and execution. But we can also say that we are forever learning our clients and capturing their essence. 

It's what we do. You. Your story. Epically celebrated.

THE GOAL is very simple.
We're here to help you celebrate life boldy



NYC born.
World traveled.
Art, design and fashion inspired.
Wife + mother.

Meredith has spent her lifetime experiencing the world and what it has to offer, so that she can connect people with experiences that are central to their being and will light them up from the inside out.. 

She is a master at connection. And rooted in her team. That's why she has collected such a dynamic one. Each with their own incredible story, so that they can bring yours to life.

Here at GLDN, it's not just about us. It takes a village - and our vendors are the foundation of ours. 

We have curated and hand-selected teams of inspired, diverse and exceptionally creative individuals and vendors to help us capture the vision and execute each experience.

And we are fortunate to have done so in some of the most spectacular places.


a party you never want to leave?

let's get started

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